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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Identity and Childfree Women

Having explored some of the issues around identity and motherhood, I'd like to turn my attention to the issue of identity for women who are considering not having children and women who have decided to become childfree.

For many women who are debating whether to become mothers or not, the issue of how a childfree woman is viewed by society is a very real issue.  Even in 2015,  notions of women's identity being tied to motherhood abound.  Many clients of mine report feeling pressured into having children and feeling as though they 'would not be a real woman' if they choose not to have children. 

An example of how women's identity is often (wrongly in my view) tied up with motherhood is how, when politicians debate 'women's issues' they are primarily about issues to do with child-rearing and motherhood.

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