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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Celebrities or figures in the public eye as examples or case studies?

I was talking to someone today about this issue and she asked if I could point to anyone in the public eye who sort of represented some of these issues.

I'm not the most up-to-minute with celebrity gossip person and the only one I could think of off the top of my head was Jennifer Ainston. The last I heard she had broke up with her current boyfriend and was wondering whether to adopt a child or not. Her dilmma does reflect that of women who are thinking about whether they should go it alone or not. (Of course, she has the luxury of lots of cash to employ help which most of us don't have and certainly most single mothers don't have!)

A friend of mine mentioned she saw a film on the TV by one of the BBC new readers - Natasha K I think? about her decision and angst about it a year or so ago.

So does anyone have any other celebrity types or people in the public eye who reflect women who might be working through this decision to have a child or not?? All suggestions welcome!


decided said...

Oohhhh, this is a tough one! I'm not sure if I've ever read an article about celebrities making a decision about whether to have a child or not.

I'm pretty sure most articles I've read about celebrity reproduction have involved congratulating the couple for their pregnancy/birth of their baby. And then saying how it's their 'greatest achievement', even if they're accomplished and awarded actors or musicians.

The other type of article I can think of involves informing the public that particular celebrities are dying to have a baby, and then speculating when they were FINALLY going to get pregnant

I'm interested to hear what other people can think of!

Kaycie said...

The only ones I can think of are Angelina Jolie and Calista Flockhart. Even though they both have partners now, they both adopted children while single.

Oh, wait, I just thought of a couple others, but they are a while back. Comedian Rosie O'Donnell adopted her first two children before she started her current relationship. Then there is comedian Paula Poundstone. She has adopted several kids alone.

dulwichmum said...

Hi there lovely Beth,

I am sorry I have not checked this site out before - I will link to you right now ... if you like! I am probably far too superficial for your lovely site.

I think Kylie, Tamara Palmer Tomkinson, Caprice and (not any more but Nicole Kidman certainly was) and Calista Flockhart adopted...

Beth said...

decided - yes, I was thinking the same as you. Maybe because trying to make the decision is so personal that it isn't something that they would discuss in public??

Kaycie - there do seem to be alot of celeb's adopting.

Dulwich Mum - of course, please do link to this blog! Also, what I find REALLY werid with the Nicole Kidman story is how all the press is going on about her having her first child. Well, no actually. She does have two children she has adopted with previous Tom Cruise. I think that's abit crap reaaly!

decided said...

Plenty of people have chosen to adopt - which is so wonderful for those children!

But I feel that the articles about the celebrities who adopted children already knew that they wanted to be parents. They just had to decide whether adoption was the right thing, or if they should wait until they have a partner, or try IVF.