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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Interviews for book

I'm keen to interview women who have decided not to have children, have decided to have children or who are still trying to decide. All the interviews will be anonomised and used as case studies to help women who are trying to decide whether to have children or not.

I was going to send questionnaires via email but having done a few interviews I'm finding that I tend to just have conversations and think that sending out a questionnaire I would lose quite alot of valuable information. Anyhow, some of my regular blog readers like decide have said they'd be up for being interviewed so if you still are, please email me at bethATticktockcoachingDOTcoDOTuk (I've done that to avoid the lovely spam spiders which search for email addresses!). Even if you live overseas, I'd be happy to ring you and conduct the interviews via phone.

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