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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Sterotypes of women trying to decide

Media stereotypes of women who are in the midst of this decicesion are rife. The driven, career mad women who doesn't want to give up her high powered career, or wild nights out.

The infamous postcard 'oops, I forgot to have children.' bubble above a cartoon woman looking surprised and confused.

It presents these women as being driven or ditzy or selfish or callous.

In fact, the stereotype of this woman is a cartoon. It's a cardboard figure - someone to be pitied or to laugh at.

When get asked about what type of women comes to me, I can honestly say that there isn't 'one type.' They work in all sorts of careers, come from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

[Insert case study?]

1 comment:

decided said...

Negative stereotypes seem to exist because people think that women have children - there is no choice.

But it is a life choice, and one that I believe should not be taken lightly!