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Saturday, 29 March 2008

The decline of marriage

This topic is slightly off the beaten track of the discussion around whether to have children or not but I think they are related.

There have been a surge of articles on marriage following latest release of stats that show marriage is on the decline. Some articles - like this one - are despairing (pointing to a decline in committment) and others put a more optimistic spin on it like this one.

Personally, I've never been a great believer in marriage myself. Sure, it's a powerful symbol of committment and love but surely, there are many other ways to some committment in relationships?

When it comes to the decision to have children or not - marriage is a loaded issue.

If you are married, there is an expectation that having kids is part of the deal - and married couples who choose to be childfree are regarded as oddities.

If you aren't married and have kids, you are seen as slightly suspect.

And if you are single and want to have children, this is seen as feckless.

I don't think any of these concepts is particularly helpful, useful or true!

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