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Friday, 21 March 2008

A very interesting article appeared today by Rachel Cusk - on her experience of the furore around her book 'A Life's Work' which was one of the first books to explore the issue of maternal ambivalence. She writes about how she was shocked that she received such personal criticism about her honest reflections and has been asked time and time again if she regrets having her children!! As she points out, it seems that anything that threats the pervasive ideal of 'motherhood' is an extreme threat. I must say, I was quite shocked at the vitroil on the Women's Hour message board about the topic of maternal ambivalence - with some posters likening it to child abuse.

Click her to read her article.


Sass E-mum said...

Without having read Cusk's book, it's difficult to understand what made some people so mad about her book. I had to try to read this 4 times before I could finish it - it was frustrating to not really understand what her ambivalence had been about.

However, in terms of the point she makes, I agree that it is odd - to the point of madness - how vitriolic some people can be about maternal ambivalence.

I don't see that it helps anyone to be less than supportive of parents who don't find every aspect of looking after a child to be walk in the park. And that's everyone, isn't it?

Sass E-mum said...

Hi Beth

I've tagged you for a book meme. I hope you don't mind.