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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Being afraid to say we want kids

As I've mentioned before, I see a number of women who do want kids but they find themselves in circumstances were it's challenging - sometimes they are with partners who don't want children or they are dating someone new and don't want to scare them off.

'There are so many unspoken rules when it comes to talking about wanting or not wanting kids — a little bit like playing poker. You keep the poker face on and don't talk about it while you're dating someone, because you don't want to scare a partner away; when, and only when they are ready to talk about it do you discuss having them. And if it turns out after all that that you really don't want kids, and aren't just ~saying~ you don't and waiting them out, you run the risk of scaring away a partner for the complete opposite reason.' - Emma Lord, in Why we need to stop being so afraid 

Apparently, according to Emma Lord author of the article Why we need to stop being so afraid to say that we want kids  iits's part of a larger problem for the Millennial generation that saying you want kids is something to be embarrassed about.

I wonder if one of reasons for this could be because Millennials are coming of age in a time of particular insecurity - the economic climate is still bleak and many Millennials struggle to get on both the housing and career ladder.

If the challenges of how you will earn a living and where you will live are so difficult, it must make the decision of whether to have children or not doubly difficult.

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