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Friday, 8 January 2016

Being a supportive adult

One of the crude misconceptions of people who decide not to have children is that they don't like children or don't want to be around them.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  I've spoken to many  women who don't have a huge desire to have children but who are worried they will be missing out on a wonderful connection with a child by not being a parent.

When I'm coaching someone who is thinking about being childfree,  one of the options I often explore with these clients is how they can be connected to children if they do decide not to have children.  If you have siblings who do have kids, an obvious way to do this is through nurturing your relationship with your nieces or nephews.  Even if you do not live in the same area (or indeed country, you can still develop a good relationship.  Here is a link to what I thought was a lovely blog post from an aunt about her relationship with her nieces and nephews who live far away.

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